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Graphic Design and Illustration

  • WDI Poster Design
  • Personal Logo: Amy White
  • Logo/Branding: Cassandra The Musical
  • Inspirational Poster
  • Greeting Card and Illustration
  • Greeting Card
  • Package Design: Envelope
  • Promotional Design: Mohawk Paper
  • Logo Design: Mark Grimm
  • Nautical Icon Set
  • Logo/Branding: UAS Environmental
  • Illustration
  • Illustration
  • Digital Illustration
  • Rack Card: Ghost Tour
  • Editorial Spread

About Amy White
Amy White has over 13 years of experience in the Web and Graphic Design industry.

Upon completion of her B.F.A in Graphic Design from The College of Saint Rose in 1999, Amy moved to Charleston, SC from Albany, NY. In Charleston, she worked in the Graphic Design industry for eight years with companies such as Amazon, Davis Advertising, and Positive Changes Hypnosis, among others. Building on her Graphic Design background, Amy also expanded her independent career into Web and Flash Design.

In 2005, Amy began teaching at Discovery Training Center, where she spent two years creating, implementing, and teaching Adobe Course curriculums to VA vets; an invaluable and rewarding experience. She also instructed Clear Channel employees in their continued education in Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator. Her classroom approach is hands on, with a particular emphasis paid to one-on-one guidance.

In 2008, Amy relocated to Albany, NY, where she has been an independent Designer for almost 8 years working for companies such as Ansell, Upaya Productions, Imagine That, New Choices Recovery Center, and the Berkshire Visitors Center.

Amy continues to work from her home office in Albany, NY. She thrives on learning the latest Adobe releases, and new technology, keeping her skills current. Amy's creativity is fueled and inspired by nature; she spends precious time outdoors with her dog, where she finds renewed energy to focus on projects and approach her work with vitality. Amy is also active on social media hubs such as Behance and Pinterest, where she is inspired by and contributes to the vast online creative community. Amy enjoys participating in local and national contests, and in her free time focuses on her digital illustrations.

Graphic Design

Layout, logo and branding, magazine, brochure, cd/dvd cover, technical and creative writing, book jacket, poster, signage, presentations, production, stationery, packaging, advertising, and promotional design.

Web Design

Responsive Web Design, CMS, CSS, HTML, Action Script (Flash), Query, Java Script, SEO, Hosting and Domain Name Registration

Software and Programming Languages

Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark XPress, Flash, GoLive, Dreamweaver, After Effects, InDesign, Quick Time Pro, Acrobat, Microsoft Office, CSS, CMS, HTML, AS, jQuery, Java Script, PHP, Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Mac and PC platforms.


Digital Illustrations, 3d, Background Textures, Icons, Drawings, Paintings and Photography, Photo Retouching/Restoration

Photography and Graphic Design Instructor at the Heldeberg Workshop

Summer 2013 - Present.Altamant, NY

Develops criteria for classes including student projects, exploration of the land, digital camera functions and use of mixed mediums such as painting, drawing, mod podge and pen and ink.

Self Employed Graphic Web Designer

2007 - Present.Albany, NY

Independent creative developer for various USA and South American companies. Design projects include web site, video editing, animation, Flash development, illustration, creative writing, logo/branding, stationery, poster, advertising, brochure and promotional. Local and International clients include Ansell, Upaya Productions, 100creations, Imagine That, Jan Foulke, New Choices Recovery Center, Reliable Brothers, Bella Rouge Boutique, Berkshire Visitors Bureau, PPT and Peru Interpreting.

Web Design/Adobe Instructor

2005-2007Discovery Training Center, Charleston SC

Developed criteria for all web class material, including outline creation and interactive student projects. Provided online and printed resources to students and created a list of required readings for the schools web classes. The Web Program included creative and technical aspects of both Web and Graphic Design. Course's taught and created include Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Quick Time and InDesign.

Freelance Graphic Designer

2002-2005Charleston, SC

Design projects include web site, interactive, book jacket, Flash animation & development, illustration, logo, stationery, magazine, packaging, poster, annual report, advertising, brochure and promotional. Worked with local and national companies such as Awol Creative, The NY Butcher Shoppe and Amazon independent authors.

The College of Saint Rose


B.F.A in Graphic Design:

Photography, Illustration, Web Design, Print Design and Art History

  • Semi Finalist -WDI

    Semi Finalist for Women in the Workforce WDI Poster Competition.

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  • First Place Winner

    Winner at Charleston Prime Line Paper Show for "Tropical Recipe Drink" booklet theme. The booklet was created entirely out of Mohawk paper

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    Logos featured on the Logogala Web Site.

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