I have always been a lover of history, especially of the Civil War. I have read for long hours on the things that have been written about the Civil War -- and there is a lot available. I have envisioned the gentlemanly things that transpired during the great upheaval this war brought about and wondered in amazement in the way the North and South would "… conform to the rules of war of civilized nations." Being born in the South, I am naturally biased towards the southern way of doing things.

One of my heroes was the gallant General Nathan Bedford Forrest. I have read at least three books that were written on his life and have enjoyed them immensely. One can well imagine my excitement when, by accident, I discovered that my great grandfather rode with General Forrest! My mother remembered this and that I had a great aunt that lived in middle Tennessee that was considered 'the' historian for the family. I contacted her and she gave me a wealth of information to get started on for my research.

I have spent many hours and some considerable money in researching my great grandfather's life, especially during his service to the Confederacy. I have tried to convey what he must have felt based on the information I found. I have added areas of trivia and notes on interesting things that I discovered to keep the document interesting to a casual reader who may not really want to hear specifically about my great grandfather's activities.

Please remember that I am neither a writer nor am I in any way an expert on the civil war. I am just someone who enjoys reading about the civil war and researching about my ancestor.

I hope you enjoy reading this document as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it. I am James Carey and I invite you to read about a patriotic man of the Confederacy from Dyer County, Tennessee --

Mr. John M. McGinnis