John M. McGinnis, Civil War Confederate Solider, Dyersburg, Dyer County Tennessee


This is a brief background of my interests in the civil war, my research, and basic information regarding my great grandfather John M. McGinnis’ involvement in the civil war.


I have listed the individual dates and regiments that my grandfather joined during the course of the civil war:

- 4th Tennessee Infantry Regiment Co. K (Stahl’s Infantry)

- Jackson’s 7th Cavalry

- Lt. Col. Dawson’s Battalion of Tennessee Partisan Rangers

- 15th Tennessee (Stewart’s) Cavalry, Co. C (Dawson’s Rangers)

- 9th (later 19th) Tennessee (Biffle’s) Cavalry, Co. K and Co. G


Early Life:

This section covers the beginning of John McGinnis’ life as a boy, moving to East Tennessee with his family, and the time up to the beginning of the Civil War.

Becoming a Man and Entering the War -- 1861:

This section covers the early times of the Civil War and the feelings of John and his peers concerning the war.  As best that I could, I have traced his movements from the day he joined the Confederate forces, his discharge, and the time until the year 1862.

The War Continues -- 1862:

John realizes that he will have to re-join the war and I have given what I believe his thoughts (and his peers) must have been at that time in his life.  Once back into the war, John is captured and then exchanged and he heads back home to join the war again as a Partisan Ranger.

The War -- 1863 and 1864

John is placed into a regular Confederate cavalry unit. John is captured and exchanged again. It is at this time John is placed in another Tennessee cavalry unit under the famous General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

The War – 1865:

The war ends for John. General Forrest gives a farewell speech to troops and John heads back home to Dyersburg, Tennessee.

After the War:

This section traces bits and pieces of John’s Life (i.e. marriage, children, business, social affiliations, etc.) after the war until his death.

Family Tree:

This section displays the family tree from John McGinnis to me.


I have included closing remarks concerning my reminiscing about artifacts from the war that belonged to John McGinnis.


 Lastly, I have included final remarks about this web page and offer an opportunity to contact me with any additional supporting information that you would like to share.